Friday, January 1, 2010

Been a while, hasnt it?


2009 was an eventful year.
You can think in many ways, here in australia how it was eventful with the swine flu, the heat waves (hottest ever november), the death of celebrities like MJ, the Victorian Bushfires and many many more things that i fail to mention.
But 2009 was also an eventful/changing year for many individuals.

For me, 2009 was the year i finally got to learn about what i love in more depth (computers lol).
It brought me confidence in my sexuality, and coming out to admit it then following through- and this made me prove to myself i can be independent and make my OWN choices in life.
It brought me love i thought i would never receive, let alone give to someone else in ways unknown to me.
It brought me a blog, and a network of blogs, with thousands of people supporting each other as well as providing support/advice themselves and sharing personal experiences.
It brought me back (EXTREMELY RECENTLY) my passion for the cello. My god i missed playing it so much and now that i successfully tuned it i am playing it for hours a day :)
It brought among me the loss of my grandpa (his funeral was yesterday) and great grandpa- these are awful events but they helped me reveal to myself and others my sensitive side and mental toughness.
From all the compliments and encouragement, i have developed a high self-esteem- i trule believe in myself and am starting to love what i can do.
And last (that i can think of) but not brought me my first ever real relationship with anyone. Love feels great, it brings happiness to both parties and also a hell of a lot of trust and forgiveness and these are things i am learning as we move forward.

It was a hell of a year for many, like my poor mboy, but 2010 is a nice fresh start for us all and hopefully this will also be an eventful/changing year for all of us- but this time in many good ways.

I know you all are going to backlash when i say this, but apologies for the slow blog posting :)

Love you all, HAPPY NEW YEAR once again <3