Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Woah! im back...

hey everyone!

God-dammit i almost forgot my blog address :O its been that long. Im so sorry my loyal followers, things have been pretty hectic and in the midst of it all i forgot entirely about my blog.

Anywayz here i am and heres whats happenin!

Firstly, u'd all be glad to know (i sure as hell am) that im going to see mboy again in april! it feels like its been ages and i miss him so much i dont know how i'll leave melbourne again =/.

Secondly, college/school/whatever u wana call it, lol its been tough and unfortunately ther hasnt been much success. I put it down to playing too much games and not balancing study with it so i had to give up something extremely important to me + mboy--- WoW. Yes i was a 'crack for gamers' addict and it has been really tough, iv been so bored but im hanging in there.
Ironically, i played that game so much that iv found it hard to fill all the time! Iv been able to get things done but then when theres nothing to do, i am a bit sad. It was hard for mboy to accept (i mean it was around 90% of how we communicated) and i had to discuss over the phone with him for hours- it was a big thing in our relationship and very very hard to let go becoz of that.
Something had to be done, however, becoz my family is on my back about my course now and there is a deadline for me to finish this course....heaps of exams to do and they must be done. Heres how i put it- lose the computer or quit wow so i quit wow becoz if i lose the computer then its VERY little communication with mboy and absolutely no leisure.
yeh so that was the big 1.

Thirdly, footy season is back! a good thing, an AWESOME thing i cant wait for my parramatta eels to lift that nrl premiership this year :) good thing about the footy being back is that i can use it as motivation to study and i havnt copped quiting wow as bad becoz footy has been there for a little bit of the time and its something i deeply enjoy to watch. rugby league has got to be the best sport on the planet :P dunno what im gonna do without it in melbourne lol.

Fourthly, something really surprised me the other day. I wanted to give something back to the community. I had done community service before (night patrol and buddies days) and they made me feel good inside. Sure, gays can do that. But something i find a major issue is-- we cant give blood! Now this has got to be discrimination, and its not like me to be political/legal but something has to be done about it! I waited over an hour just to be interviewed so i cud give my blood for the greater good. I filled in their forms, weighed myself in, had plenty of food and water and then they looked at my questionnaire and said becoz i had 'male to male sex in the past 12 months' ticked they wudnt allow me to give blood. Something i didnt take too well becoz whats the difference if a heterosexual couple does 'gay' sex? The risks are the same, so this is discrimination. I told mboy and he totally agreed! at least 10% of the population are gay and they cant give blood unless they giveup sex! and they say they need more blood donors.....
The thing that bothered me most about it is that i had been tested the previous week for STIs and everything and nothing came back positive, yet they wont allow a healthy person whos had sex with a guy to give blood. Anywayz, enuf on the blood-doning-bullcrap i can live with it =/.

Yeah so thats mainly whats been happening over the past few months. Its gone fast, but now the days between me seeing mboy again are going slow =/ i dont expect any forgiveness from you my followers, i will just say sorry and iv noticed that the blogworld has been quiet lately so it wasnt a good thing to not be posting.

love y'all <3


  1. Well as someone who never became addicted to WoW-- I congratulate your throwing that monkey off your back. I had 3-4 friends...wait 10-15 friends all become addicted. One still is-- she just finished her masters degree, and still hasn't even tried getting a job. She just plays WoW :-/

    Thirdly, until the last sentence of that paragraph: I had no idea what 'footy season' meant. I thought maybe you liked wearing socks in the winter... idk. So its rugby?

    I didn't realize that other countries had this ban on gays giving blood. For some reason, I expected this just to be a USA thing. Yea its complete crap-- and in the US at least there is a bill to prevent it, but it probably wont pass.

    And WOW what a personal detail about you and mboy that you just shared! :-) *grins with excitement* I'm so glad that you and mboy are still doing well, and REALLY glad that you get to spend time with each other soon!! I'm sure neither of you can wait :-)

    What's your class covering? I don't know that I can help, but I'll certainly offer: if you need any help on IT things, feel free to ask. If its in my area of experience, then I may be able to help.

    Much Love,

  2. Real life is far more important than bloging, just glad you are well and besides a few hiccups things seem ok. Also happy M/boy and you are still together.
    Footy - this Victorian didn't know you played footy in NSW I thought it was only us Southern states that played real footy hehe!!!
    Hope April comes around real soon - at least the countdown is only days and not months - hope you both have a great time.
    I was a blood doner for ages before the advent of aids but that did change things big time. I agree with you if you have a clean bill of health there is no reason that they should knock you back.
    Any way it's great to hear from you again.
    Regards Stef

  3. Hello again!
    That BS about donating blood, thats just frakking STUPID! (yes that was a BSG refrence) ARG!!! I GET SO PISSED OFF AT DISCRIMINATION!!!! GAHHHHH!!!!
    At least you don't have to get poked with needles, eh? ha
    I'm excited for you! you HAVE to tell us all about your visit, k?
    lots of love,

  4. Oh hai. :P

    Did you just tell the world that you uhh... poked me with your needle? lol. That was something i tiptoed around, but it's your blog so fair enough. (; Btw 'needle' is in no way a reference to your size so don't stress. :P

    I hardly play WoW any more these days. O: It's a billion times more boring without you. I guess that's kinda good cos i have lots of work to do too. :S lol. I did make a twink rogue tho and that was fun for a while. :P

    Anyways have a good day and i'll talk to you in 50 mins. ^_^

    wubs you much <33

  5. @mboy :O lol woops in my rage over the blood doning scenario i just may or may not have revealed a different kind of needle poking :P <3

    @planetx: my man, lol help me become an MCSE and we are set!

    @everyone: its good to see i still have followers who dont hate my lack of bloggedness, i mean i didnt even make an announcement like mboy did, i just suddenly stopped :O thankyou for ur support and agreement! :)

  6. I can help with that :-) Let me know if you run into any questions and wanna chat.


  7. One of Margaret Thatcher's henchmen when she was our handbagging Prime Minister in the UK was a skinhead, bovver boy from Essex (ugh! worst county!) called Norman Tebbit. He & others said gay people couldn't give blood because of the danger of HIV infection.

    So they started testing people for HIV and the Health Service gave loads of people HIV by accident in infected blood because they hadn't screened that!

    Now gay or straight, promiscuous or not can give blood - they just might test you for HIV and everything else first - but if you're clear it's OK.

    Time everyone got over the right wingers and their prejudices. Time everyone grew up!

    Load of love and and good wishes to you and Mboy from Pete, me and the Former Bitch.

  8. Great to hear from you again and that you are doing well. Good luck with all your exams and enjoy the time with mboy.

  9. On gays giving blood: I don't know why it is in Australia, but in U.S. the ban is based on an old federal law from the late 70s/early 80s. It's due to the fact that back then we did not have tests for HIV/AIDS (didnt even know what it was). But that has long since changed since the mid-90s. But the law still exists, and we can't get enough legislators to change it. may be a similar situation in Australia. Write your legislators!

  10. Hey how's is it possible that you can't donate blood there if you have had gay-sex, that's insane!!!, it is definitely not the same here, however, mmm last week I went to donate blood too but I couldn't because I were in a "tropical country" less than a year ago and they have to make some virus analisys, well they took 3-4cm of blood and send me a letter with the results and the "autorization" anyway... write your legislators!

  11. Naughty boy for being gone so long, have indeed missed you.

    It's crazy with the blood thing, it's pretty much the same over in America and England and a load of other countries.

    Yet a dirty manwhore, can go an have sex with a different girl every night for two weeks - with no rubbers on and then go and give blood the next week and that's fine? Makes no sense to me.

    Anyway, welcome back to the blogworld. x

  12. Bitboy

    hey good to see you back and as we chatted i think you are doing theright thing in quitting even if it means less time with mboy now for its the future you need to be concerned with

    take care and be safe


  13. In the states if you have EVER had male-male sex you cannot give.

    There's probably a lot of hetero guys who can't give because once in college they were horny and got drunk and got a blowjob from a seductive persistent cute gayboy.

  14. @ wet kyle: lol that is a good one :)
    @ jason shaw: sorry man :( so true about the blood doning!
    @Micky: i had been tested for HIV and every other STI known to man the sunday before i went to give blood and everything came back normal, i told them that and they didnt let me give blood anyway. they didnt even off to test me first, their policy is just no giving blood if uv had male-to-male sex in the past 12 months. Kinda stupid.

  15. Paramatta has no chance this year :P face it, you got lucky last time and if the Broncos hadn't been knocked out we would have kicked your ass in the grand final. just the way it is mate

  16. finally a footy fan! ;)

    I welcome ur parramatta criticism, their start to the year has been bad but jeez man look who we play this week, the sharkies! easy win there if we can win by 30 points or more im convinced parra have fixed it.

    You should be more worried about the broncoz mate, both out teams has an awesome run last year but ur team showed absolutely NOTHING against melbourne whereas my team almost won in that grand final! go parra, i have faith we we still win it this year :P

    Anyway, the broncos start the the year has been MORE then dissappointing just look at last weeks game, how do you lose by 32 points at ur home ground against an under-strength side? i dunno but ur broncoz did it! you guys have problems, im never tipping the broncos again! (at least until corey parker and izzy are back)

    Keep the footy talks coming! go parra!

  17. parra seems to do well against most teams, but st george is like your kryptonite and you never seem to win against them (except one game last season when you creamed them so hard red and white was pouring out of the stadium with twenty minutes to go) lets just hope neither of our teams get the wooden spoon this season

  18. parra wins the games that matter, we didnt need to beat st george all year until that finals game and there we go they choked straight out of the finals after losing to us and ur team which i respect coz we nailed that mofo! :)
    we got creamed by wests, and we usually beat them and my best mate supports them so i was feeling pretty crap afta that game lol but we beat manly, who we hadnt beaten in hmm maybe 3 or 4 years? lol so its all over the place this year. we almost beat dragons in round 1 but yeh we've had a bad run with tony archer reffed games: 1-1 without him reffing and 2-5 with him reffing (including the grand final and the semi-finals last year).
    Who knows? maybe it was a masterstroke to let them smash us in the final round then come back and kick their butts in front of their home crowd? good for the parra faithful punters :)

    Good luck to the broncos but i hate to say i dont think u guys will be a force til you get folau and corey parker back, maybe u guys can prove me wrong tonight :P

    Dont worry, the spoon is already on a truck to the sharks cabinet!

  19. And see it`s been so long I stopped
    checking in on both of you !

    Needle Dick is coming to mind why is that ? lol

    And of course all things being equal
    if you MBoy again it will be another
    year brfore you can give ! lol

    You guys are so funny !

    Happy Easter to both of you !
    See ya, John

  20. @jake LOL my team suck! goddamit they cudnt beat the SHARKS of all teams....i mean we're practically full strength and i still think that ur broncos who are grossly under-strength play better then my team...fml!

  21. glad that you gave up wow. hopefully, mboy will hop on an IM that you two can use to chat. maybe even skype if you two can get a webcam.

    in any case, work on those studies and such and try not to think about the time passing. time sneaks past when you don't think about it.


  22. I've never commented before, but now i have to. I lie about the m-m sex stuff. Screw 'em. I'm safe, and Oneg (universal donor, so my blood is valuable), so I give. It's a stupid rule in the US, too, and it's being challenged by both the blood collection community and some of the more enlightened medical community. It's the freaking government that seems to be the stumbling block. Your comment about heteros having gay sex is right on - it's not the sex itself, it's who you have it with! If you mess with an unsafe person, you shouldn't donate, but jeez, safe sex between 2 people and you only get rejected if it's m-m.
    Discrimination. Oh, and in the US, it's "since 1977"! So you're pretty much out if you've EVER has m-m sex! No one year deferment!
    (Have fun with Mboy on your visit, and be glad WoW is gone - I've seen it ruin lives as well as make them whole - like in your and Mboy's case!)