Thursday, April 15, 2010

mirrorboy! :D

Lol :D

Yup im here, at his house alone (even the cats walked out on me :O ) waiting for mirrorboy to get back from school :S miss him already XD <3

Its been fun, but one cant help but think about the course he should be doing in the time he sees his boyfriend :S Dad and mum knew about me leaving this time and put loads of pressure on me but of course I chose my love over anything else, he is the most important thing to me :) <3.

I promised myself I would study while he was at school to make up for not being in sydney doing my studies like I should be, but his computers dont support the virtual machines/labs that i use to study...i'll keep trying to get it working otherwise i'll be forced to study in a very boring/theoretical way which is how you should NEVER study computers. Plus I didnt pack enough books to study that way due to my baggage limits on the flight here (not to mention PHYSICAL limits :O ).

Anywayz, i am able to phase that stuff out of my mind when he is here with me, and that way i am extremely happy and calm/relaxed.

Talking footy, my nrl team has won 1 game and lost 4 this year (3 straight to this day) upsets me but i have faith in them even tho they are equal last on the ladder. They have a tough task this sunday against the rabbitohs but im sure the eels have improved, are equal to the task and will win it for me and all the other die-hard fans who have suffered as i have this year after they went so well last year...

Yeah so that should do it for now, if i find the time for another post, i will post and so will mboy :). Im going to get back to trying to get these virtual machines working, wish me luck!

lots of love,


P.S. MANY MANY thanks to pinstripe (or as he is known to me, 'Lach') for his support once again in transport through melbourne. love ya mate.


  1. Glad you made it safely and still went for that matter

    take care and have fun (the 2nd one wont be hard to do at all)


  2. virtual machines as in vmware? hyper-v? virtual box? whatever your flavor -- good luck! I love virtualization and use vmware and virtual box everyday... but just for my dev machines. I don't support product vsphere/esx or anything... tho it seems like it might be fun :-)


  3. enjoy your time together and post! (:

  4. Soo.... how are you and mboy?? Doing well, enjoying life, enjoying your time together me hopes :-)

  5. @planetx: yeah we are good, thanks for asking. :) umm in terms of the virtuals, its using microsoft virtual console 2007 and i dont know why it isnt compatible with vista but it is VISTA after all lol