Thursday, December 17, 2009

Back home...

Thats right, bitboy is back home. D:

It was so hard to leave mboy's place yesterday. I loved being there with him, his mum and even his annoying (at times) cats :P. I wish I could stay there forever, snuggling/kissing him in bed but my parents were upset and worried enough as it is, plus iv got a course here to do so i can get a job :P. I havent gone to sleep yet becoz i cant, i miss being there by his side sleeping there with him and its getting to me.

The trip back was hot, very hot (40 DEGREES!!) and i was sweating like a pig when i got home lol. I am thankful for all the help offered to me by a friend of mboy's named Lach who literally saved me heaps of cash giving me a lift to and from the airport and even showing me a good time in melbourne. Much appreciated Lach, you will always be a good friend of me and mboy! :)

Anyways, the train to melbourne was taking ages, so i took the time to read a book i had for a while called Tuesdays with Morrie written by Mitch Albom. I will never forget this book it has been so inspiring and life-changing for me and will always try to recall everything i have learnt in it about the meaning of life. R.I.P Morrie Schwartz.

About the parents reaction when i got home...
I walked into the office to find dad both mad and upset. Mad because he believes im neglecting my course by taking a short break, and upset because i never contacted him and worried him (which i feel bad about, but they made me do it). On the other hand, coming home to mum she was perfectly fine, i can even use the computer now because i know the passwords and im trying to get this computer running fast again. Of course she was upset about me not contacting her either, but there were emails sent and shes just happy to see me fine (plus shes tired so she couldnt really care lol).
So the parents reaction i sum up with 'meh' because im barely with dad and he is the upset/mad one whereas i live with mum most the time and she seems okay with how everything panned out. Even my homophobe brother has changed his ways since i got home :O hes actually being a good brother now and some1 handy to spend time with :).
So back on the home front, things seem to be okay, and i hope you are glad to hear this mboy, tho you wanted them to kick me out so i cud live with you lol [we'll live together soon, dont worry ;) ]

Thats all i can come up with for now, sorry if this blog post is a bit dodgy or bleary its- partly becoz im tired, and partly because im having too much fun watching this new show i love called 'The I.T Crowd'- its so dam funny!!!

Love you all,



  1. Sometimes parents need a rattling of their cage bars to realize their children have grown and are able to make life decisions on their own.

    My guess is that you will be given a bit more freedom and respect from now on.

  2. I 2nd the DR

    Well it's good to know you at least kept touch with them.

    Though I must admit I'm glad (but in shocked) they acted the way they did when you got back.

    Shocked b/c all you have said about them I would have thought it would have gone worse.

    Glad that they didn't though.

    I know what you mean cats are annoying at times lol

  3. Good to hear things might be a little more positive at home for you.

    M-boys cats cant POSSIBLY be annoying lol. awww!


  4. I'm so very, very glad that you're ok :)

    And I'm also happy you like the I.T crowd, told you it was funny haha.

    "Have you tried turning it on and off again?"


    big hugs!

  5. I love it. They totally didn't know. lol. I'm glad things worked out okay. On one hand, you will miss each other, but on the other hand, you can always just go (thanks Lach).

  6. So glad you got home safely, and that your parents seem to have had an 'ok' reaction to your trip.
    I wish you and Mirrorboy all the best for the future, and hope that you can visit him again soon.

    The I.T. Croud rocks!


  7. Seems like the kick up the parents butts might have worked. Glad things are starting to work out. Best of luck to you and MBoy


  8. Harder to get on the computer then i originall thought :( Dad wants me to focus on my course, and not put my mind anywhere else :S.
    @pinstripe: "Is it Plugged in?" LOL i love those 1-liners and the fact is they solve many computer problems :p
    Ty all for your support and guidance, it helped me 100% along the way and i sure as hell need it now becoz i miss him SO MUCH!
    Love you all.

  9. The IT crowd is great, so funny.

    Families huh, you sure can't pick up. I know I never would have done mine. Sometimes that are nice, sometimes they are horrid.

    Anyway, thinking of you. xx

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