Thursday, December 3, 2009

time for an update :)


right here in mboy's house, having the time of my life with the love of my life. :)
umm yeah i was going to make a post called "Bitboy's Great Escape" that would detail my whole escape plan to get here, but it is tooo ingenious to reveal. :P
anywayz, i just wanted to put it out there that mboy is the greatest guy in the world (you all know that lol), he deserves happiness and im glad, and am truly gifted, to be the one who truly gives him that. Things did get fucked up, but im glad im here now and everything is going along perfectly between us. :) The trip here was definitely the most exciting time of my life, but full of nerves from both ends- especially the 3 hour train trip! Its such a relief being able to actually hug him rather than send it via text/online chat. :)

Last of all. Screw the parents! I'll have to face it eventually, but right now im enjoying myself too much to worry about that crap. They have to learn that i love who i want to love and i cant help my feelings for someone, especially if they try to force me out.

So yeah, me and mboy are well and happy with each other (for now) and hopefully things stay that way :)

Thanks for all the support you people have given me here, it helped/motivated me to make this trip and i have no regrets! :D
Love you all <3


  1. :)

    Thnx for covering me in saliva.

  2. Hommn. I ran away to be with my lover - just smitten I was and had to see the boss at work and everything when I got back. Smacked wrist but a big twinkle in the eye!

    Most people loooooooove young love!

  3. I hope the parents come round for you soon.

  4. Yeah, me too.
    You're lucky that you can show that dedication :)

    On another note I don't suppose we'll be finding out much detail about what's been happening :P

  5. Bitboy

    Hope all is well, take good care of him and stay safe


  6. You covered him in saliva? No wonder poor Mboy thought kissing was gross.


  7. "Thnx for covering me in saliva."


  8. That is absolutely epic. You're right up there with Chrolli now :) I'm happy for both of you :)

  9. Good news! All the best

  10. lol he is too critical of my kissing, that's why i was supposedly 'covering him in saliva'. :P

  11. lol that maybe why Mirrorboy doesn't like kissing on the lips

    Anyway glad you and him are together and I know you don't want to hear this and I'm ok if you reject the idea but I think you should call your parents just ONCE to let them know you are alive at least.

    (Use a payphone so they wont keep calling back)

    If you don't want to it's fine by me I just would hate that your parents would end up being forced out of your life since you seem like a cool guy to know

    I mean you like computers you HAVE to be a cool guy lol

  12. very pleased that you guys have got together.

    Ethan's right tho - you should let your parents know where you are. but (sorry if this has been said already, and you must have already thought it a zillion times) you also need to take stock of where you are in life. at 19 your parents should not be trying to freakishly control you in the way that i've read. you need to take some control for yourself.

    and... as you are an adult, if that shrink person is actually a professional, i would very strongly consider making a formal complaint to the professional body that she belongs to.

    not only is she factually incorrect in calling you a paedophile, but it sounded like she used very questionable methods.

    good luck to you both :)

  13. Maybe a little less saliva next time...? :-P

    And a definite yes to what torchy has written.

  14. awesome! Im so happy for both of you :-)